Official Roxant Pro Video Camera Stabilizer

Official Roxant Pro Video Camera Stabilizer

What is Roxant Pro

In this official roxant pro video camera stabilizer review, you will find that this is a unique and strange type of stabilizer, unlike others reviewed. This is a very decent and stylish stabilizer having singular body construction that curves as you go up.

The roxant pro video camera stabilizer doesn’t have those fancy features, buttons, LED and stuff; instead, it is a Steadicam which focuses on still videos and photos.

The overall construction is made of several materials like plastic and steel. There is a singular know that holds the camera with the stabilizer. Closing and opening the knob can cause you to separate the camera from the stabilizer easily.

There is a leather strap with the stabilizer for adjustment, and you can handheld the stabilizer in one hand without any real effort. You can use the DSLR cameras, but smaller ones or simply, you can use the mirrorless camera effortlessly.

What problem Roxant pro will solve if a person buys it

Well, in case you are really a beginner and looking for something that can help you stabilize the footage then Roxant pro is the choice you can opt for because there is no extra stuff with this product, it is simple and has simple functionality.

If you don’t like the regular stabilizers and are looking for something vintage and stylish that is unique, then there is nothing that can challenge the roxant pro video camera stabilizer.

If you favor lightweight, compact, and up to task stabilizer that can be portable, then roxant is a good choice. That is why we did the official roxant pro video camera stabilizer review.

Below we have provided you with a roxant pro video camera stabilizer review for you to know much about this product.

Roxant Pro Video Camera Stabilizer

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Here is the Official roxant pro video camera stabilizer review. The incredible thing about the roxant pro video camera stabilizer is that you won’t find a more unique and stylish stabilizer than it.

The design is extraordinary, and the material choice is also strange as compared to the other stabilizers. However, still, it is considered a very popular stabilizer in the Steadicam world.

The functionality is of 2-axis stabilizers that provide professional-grade stabilization. You wouldn’t imagine that results are very charming that yield less shake and fewer vibrations in the footage by looking at it.

The unique thing is the grip used in the stabilizer; it takes the weight away from your hand and can allow you to rotate your arm without any slip. The handling capabilities are extraordinary because you can grip the stabilizer from the bottom of DSLR. It is solely famous due to this reason that it is straightforward but provides impressive results.

The official roxant pro review is included in the best gimbal, which can be used with smartphones and cameras that are worth under the limit of weight 2.1lbs. The less weight allows this stabilizer to become lighter, and therefore you can easily handle it without any effort.

All in one, this stabilizer is very simple and is genuinely for the people who favor a more vintage type stabilizer that can also provide excellent results. Many people are fooled by the fact that this stabilizer doesn’t have any features nor looks technical. But for a Steadicam, this stabilizer provides impressive results.


  • Dimensions: 13.39 x 2.24 x 8.07 inches
  • Weight: 2.4 pounds
  • Manufacturer: ROXANT
  • Stabilization: 2-Axis.
  • Material: metal and plastic with phone clamp
  • Weight capacity: 2.1lbs
  • Can be used with smartphones, camera, and DSLR.

Pros & Cons

  • Very simple and descent.
  • Vintage look for specific people.
  • Good quality.
  • Comes with a phone clamp also.
  • Doesn’t include features for stabilization.
  • It is only a Steadicam handle.

Things to consider before buying roxant pro:

After the official roxant pro video camera stabilizer review comes the buying guide, which allows you to decide on whether you should consider it worth for purchase or not?

So, basically, this stabilizer for steady shots is something straightforward and unique with the ability to handle the DSLR or the smartphones. For a vintage-looking simplistic stabilizer, you can get amazing results for still shots.

But the main problem here is that there is no mechanical part and no function that justifies the price range. There are only expensive materials used, but the stabilization is not even 3-axis; it is 2-axis that only goes for two directions.

  • Design:

From the official roxant pro review, you can know that this product is unique, made of plastic, steel, and has a phone clasp. You can connect the camera also, but the weight limit is around 2 pounds. The overall design is in curve shape, making it easy to grip and has a bottom handle.

  • Why use:

If you are a videographer, who wants to shoot in tight places, crowds, or even playing, then you can place your trust in this cheap and best Gimbal for DSLR. The simplistic and sleek design allows it to handle even the smartphones; that is why it is the best Gimbal for DSLR and phone.

  • How to use:

After the roxant pro video camera stabilizer review, you might need the usage technique, so here it is. Using the Roxant Stabilizer is pretty easy because there is no particular machine, sensor, or functionality provided.

You need to simply connect the camera or phone with the clasp on top and then grip the stabilizer from the bottom for usage. It is that simple, nothing strange here.

Final words:

Roxant Pro video camera stabilizer is a very unique and vintage type stabilizer that holds its place amongst the other Steadicam stabilizers. The design is in curve shape that can hold both the smartphone or the camera having less weight. Well, a truly up to task still handheld stabilizer.

We have provided you with an Official roxant pro video camera stabilizer review in this article for you to know more about this product.

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