Neewer Professional Stabilizer

Neewer Professional Stabilizer

What is Neewer Professional Gimbal Stabilizer

This is the Neewer professional Gimbal review. It is actually very heavy duty and up to task Stabilizer, which holds its place when it comes to bigger and heavyweight Cameras.

The gimbal is made up of Heavy-Duty Metal that is unlike other gimbals on the market, which are usually made up of aluminum, but there is more to this gimbal than just the construction.

There is a simplistic 3-legged tripod attached to the gimbal while there is an easy, quick attachment that provides adjustment for the camera. You can attach and detach the camera, which irrespective of size and weight, but in case you want to adjust the size of gimbal you can do it with the camera attached.

This Neewer professional panoramic gimbal also has an amazing thing, which is the center point configuration, which allows the user an easy usage for the stabilizer. There is another thing which is the 360-degree shots which are due to this central point, that is why it is called a Neewer professional 360-degree panoramic gimbal.

What problem Neewer professional Gimbal stabilizer will solve if a person buys it

First of all, the construction is the main aspect that will solve your problem: camera weight and size. You can use any camera you want on the gimbal without any problem.

In case you want to get the perfect panoramic shots with a 360-degree angle, then this Neewer Professional 360 degree panoramic gimbal comes with a central pivot point that allows for these types of shots.

If you are a beginner and don’t know how to use a stabilizer, you can easily use this stabilizer, which will solve your problem of usage because it is straightforward and up to task stabilizer.

Unlike the other stabilizers, this stabilizer comes with an adjustment feature, which lets you adjust the size with the camera attached, which solves the reliability problems. You can also easily attach and detach the Neewer professional panoramic gimbal camera.

Neewer Professional Heavy-Duty Metal 360 Degree

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Here is the Neewer Professional Gimbal Stabilizer review, which is a heavy-duty stabilizer that maintains the best quality because of its metal design, which allows it to be a heavy-duty stabilizer.

The best thing about the Neewer Professional Panoramic gimbal is the Central Pivot point, which allows you to take the precise measurement of the center point. Stabilizers that don’t take the calculation of center-point cannot provide that much vibration-free footage. This stabilizer has horizontal adjustments to find the center of gravity according to the camera and the size of the lens.

The incredible thing is the adjustment for camera positions that allows you to adjust the camera holder according to the lens’s size without having to detach the camera.

The Neewer professional 360-degree panoramic gimbal is also known for its panoramic and 360-degree shots. It is done due to usage as a tripod, that can go for different angles due to the 360-degree angle rotations.

On the technology side, there is a fast and smooth transaction, movement, and fast-tracking technology for both the vertical axis and the horizontal axis.

On the price side, you can get this product in a very budget-friendly price range, but. The quality is high and has a simple construction that can provide all the necessary features; it can also be termed as the best heavyweight budget-friendly gimbal

The total weight it can endure is 13.6kg and comes with an Arca Swiss plate quick release, even a bubble level.


  • Dimensions: 11.4×10.1×3 inches.
  • Weight: 3.4 pounds.
  • Manufacturer: Neewer
  • Stabilization: 2-Axis.
  • Material: Heavy Duty Steel.
  • Weight capacity: 13.4kg.

Pros & Cons

  • Durable, heavy-duty steel construction.
  • Easy to use.
  • Fast and Smooth mechanical transaction.
  • 360 degree and panoramic shots.
  • Due to steel construction, the weight is too much.

Things to consider before buying Neewer Professional Gimbal Stabilizer

Well, after the Neewer Professional Gimbal Review comes to the Buying guide, it will guide you to the critical aspects of this product. This product is made of stainless steel and can take a lot of weight on itself.

But the bad aspect here is that the weight of this product itself is enough to cause a person to be tired after a few minutes of footage. The weight of the camera combined with the gimbal weight is too much to bear for someone who is not strong enough.

  • Design

The construction of Neewer professional 360-degree panoramic gimbal is made up of steel which that has its own weight and comes with a smooth transaction. The design is like a normal gimbal with a tripod stand style stand and has adjustment straps on the camera side for easy adjustments.

  • Why use

In case you are looking for a really simplistic and heavy-duty gimbal, then this is the best one you can get because it is made of stainless steel, has a quick release and comes in different camera positions so that you can change lens without having to detach the DSLR—all in one best Gimbal for DSLR budget.

  • How to use

You don’t need any knowledge of stabilizers to use the Neewer professional panoramic gimbal camera. Just attach the camera with the gimbal and then use the gimbal to take footage the way you want to. For panoramic, you can use the pivot point on the center to rotate the camera.

Final words

This product is one of the most durable and simple to use stabilizers in the market; it can take a lot of weight and can be used in an extreme environment. There are easy adjustment features with 360 and panoramic shots too.

So, for beginners, it can be the best stabilizer, but the weight is something that needs to be taken care of, causing you to become tired easily.

We have made a Neewer Professional Stabilizer Gimbal Review for you to know more about this product, and in the end, we also made a Buying guide.

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