Feiyutech ak2000

What is Feiyutech ak2000:

In this Feiyutech ak2000 review, it is clear that Feiyutech ak2000 gimbal is a well-known stabilizer for DSLR that famous because of its less weight and features. The usage of this stabilizer and the incredible features are what attract the videographers towards this stabilizer.

This is a handheld stabilizer that contains a stick type design for lengthy angles when shooting. This is the best stabilizer known for the beginners due to the fact that there are senseless motors for the reduced weight, which in return allows you to handle the camera on the stabilizer with ease.

The unique thing is that there is also an OLED provided on top of the grip side with buttons for controlling. This LED allows you to know about some basic properties and adjustments which are never known otherwise on the stabilizer.

The technology used is 3-axis stabilization, which comes with a unique algorithm called as anti-shake for extraordinarily accurate and shake-less footage. The price range is also something which is much inside the budget line, all in one the best deal for beginners.

What problem Feiyutech ak2000 will solve if a person buys it

First of all, the Feiyutech ak2000 Gimbal stabilizer is made with such easy to use features and such great built quality that the beginners have no issue using it. Therefore, if you are a beginner person or have a problem in using stabilizers then, Feiyutech ak2000 gimbal will solve your problem.

The weight of the camera combined with the weight of the stabilizer makes the videographer tired after short footage; this is due to the weight problems. The Feiyutech comes with a senseless motor that allows you to minimize the weight of the camera, allowing it to be very lightweight.

Many stabilizers come with fewer weight limits, which allows them to be used with the mirrorless camera only. Still, Feiyutech ak2000 gimbal will enable you to handle the more significant and weighed cameras, which will solve your versatility problem.

Some features, like the LED, show the critical information on it, resulting in your being knowledgeable about several aspects of the camera and stabilizer.

Below we have provided you with a Feiyutech ak2000 gimbal review;

Feiyutech AK2000

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Here is the Feiyutech AK2000 review, which is a simple stabilizer, but it is considered in the best because of many features and construction. First of all, it is essential to mention that it is a 3-axis gimbal that allows the stabilization in all directions.

Then it comes to the point that it is a gimbal known as best for beginners due to its features and construction. There is a smart touch panel that allows you to control the camera actions as well as the stabilizer’s actions.

The next great feature in its hunting mode, which will enable you to create more original footage through the change in angles and shooting. After this feature, there are some fantastic features called as lock mode, follow mode, etc.
The incredible thing about the Feiyutech ak2000 gimbal stabilizer is its weight, which is the main factor when it comes to the stabilizers; on the weight side precisely, it can handle the payload of 2.8kg due to the space mode.

In this Feiyutech ak2000 gimbal stabilizer review, it is essential to mention the senseless motors which are used inside this. They will enable you to lessen the weight of the camera.

This is the best handheld gimbal for beginners and especially the features, but there is a reason behind it. The company has made a new anti-shake algorithm that will allow you to reduce the vibrations and have clean footage even in the most extreme places.

Coming towards the connectivity, there is Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, dual-module connections that also allow you to use 2 of them combines. You can also change the focus with the magic ring that is provided on the handle. Hence, the result of this Feiyutech ak2000 gimbal review is that it is the best value for money stabilizer.


  • Dimensions: 18.4×12.4×4.6 inches
  • Weight: 6.24 pounds.
  • Manufacturer: Feiyutech.
  • Battery timing: 12 hours.
  • Stabilization: 3 axes.
  • Best for Sony, Nikon, Canon 5D, Panasonic GH5.

Pros & Cons

  • Best value for money.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • LED for camera information.
  • It can take a bulky camera as well.
  • Premium technology for stabilizations
  • It cannot be used as a tripod.
  • The problem is portability.

Things to consider before buying Feiyutech ak2000

After the Feiyutech ak2000 Review comes to the buying guide, which will allow you to judge whether you should consider purchasing this product or not?

The first thing to notice here is that this product is nearly perfect, has fantastic features like the LED, hunting mode, etc. There are also 12 hours of battery timing, has senseless motors for weight balancing. All in one best for beginners

But the critical thing to notice here is that the Feiyutech ak2000 gimbal stabilizer is made up of smaller parts, which are hard to detach in case you are travelling. Hence with the length and size, you will have a problem in portability.

  • Design:

This is a handheld stabilizer that comes with a large size, a good grip, and then buttons with LED on top of them. You can also use the application to control it. Inside it, there are senseless motors—all in one a lightweight yet easy to use design.

  • Why use?

Well, this gimbal provides everything with the best value for money. It can help you in handling things efficiently. Some fantastic features can control the motion of the camera. There is also an LCD and Ring in this best Gimbal for DSLR camera that allows you to change the different parameters efficiently.

  • How to use:

In the Feiyutech ak2000 gimbal review comes the usage guide; using this product is relatively easy because you just need to lock the camera on the gimbal and then start using it. There is also an application through which you can control the gimbal.

This is a self-balancing gimbal with senseless motors, so you don’t have to worry about weight. This gimbal can do all the stuff itself!

Final words:

This is a Feiyutech ak2000 review, which will guide you towards the product. The reason for choosing this product can be its ease of use and its features that allow you to use it without even knowing the working of stabilizers efficiently. There is lightweight construction due to senseless motors, then there is an LED for the parameter, and to change the settings, there is a magnetic ring. Truly the best value for money product.

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