Beholder DS1 Camera stabilizer Gimbal

Beholder DS1 Camera stabilizer Gimbal

What is Beholder DS1

In the Beholder DS1 camera stabilizer review, we come to know this a professional stabilizer that is why the overall design is small and compact, with some upgraded features and premium built quality.

The price range of tried beholder DS1 camera stabilizer is much to look at, but inside the category of premium camera stabilizers, it is considered inside a budget line. Still, the features and performance are compensation to the price range.

Inside this crane is a 3-axis Brushless self-balancing motor, which allows you to handle the camera without any effort or even stand it on the ground like a professional. This here is the single-handed stabilizer that comes with a battery with the stabilizer to which also provides a lot of timing.

But all in one, the beholder DS1 is considered the best choice for both the professionals and the beginners due to the four modes, connectivity, and amazing built quality.

What Problem Beholder DS1 will solve if a person buys it

First of all, when typing to look for negative points in this Gimbal after Beholder DS1 Gimbal review, we clearly see that there aren’t any bad aspects of this gimbal. Ranging from Beginners to Professionals, anyone can easily use it without having any problems.

Next up is the ease of use; having stabilizers like these professional ones can sometimes be an issue; therefore, four modes allow you to control the DSLR easily even if you are a beginner.

Weight is something that is also a problem with stabilizers. Still, this one can solve it by providing you a less weighed overall structure with the ability to handle cameras having weight 2kg, ideal for mirrorless cameras.

In case you are a travelling person, then this gimbal provides a small structure that can be folded into a smaller body providing much portability for you than other stabilizers.

Below we provided you with an Ikan DS1 Beholder Gimbal review;

Beholder DS1 Handheld Stabilizer

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See The Price On Amazon

Here is the Beholder DS1 Camera Stabilizer Review; it is the best three-axis gimbal for DSLR due to the premium built quality and the stabilization, which gives you the best handling capabilities.

There is a maximum weight capacity of 4.5lbs, which is genuinely for the DSLR cameras in the category of medium to small size. Hence, you can call this the best value gimbal for DSLR.

When we talk about trd beholder DS1 camera stabilizer, it is essential to mention that grip, that is, a double handle grip, allowing you to grip the stabilizer with minimum weight. This design was made to keep the weight of larger DSLR in mind too.

As we already told you in the Beholder DS1 Gimbal review that it is made up of premium quality materials. So, this gimbal can also be used in extreme conditions. Or, in case you are a travelling person, then you can separate the parts of this gimbal and then pack them inside the bag, which comes with it.

Moving towards the technology in this Ikan DS1 Beholder gimbal review, there is a 12-bit encoder and a 32-bit controller that provides the best torque to motors resulting in more precise movement and then a better battery timing. The encoder in this gimbal allows you to revive quickly from disturbance and allows smoother axis rotation.

Inside this red beholder DS1 camera stabilizer, there are brushless motors known for providing more angles than typical DSLR stabilizers. So, you don’t have to worry about the smooth transaction even when you are jumping around.

The final thing essential to mention in this Beholder DS1 gimbal review is the battery timing, which is 2 to even 3 hours on full functions. The timing might not be great, but it is still worth it.


  • Dimensions: 13.3 x 7.8 x 4 inches
  • Weight: 3.99 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Beholder
  • Stabilization: 3 axes.
  • Battery timing: 3 hours.
  • Weight capacity: 2kg
  • Category: Handheld Gimbal
  • Best for: Canon 6d, 7d, 5d or A7R2, A7S, etc.

Pros & Cons

  • Premium build quality.
  • Four modes for ease of use.
  • Brushless motors with the self-balancing feature.
  • Lightweight and very portable.
  • Switching mode while in use can be challenging.
  • Less battery timing.

Things to consider before buying Beholder DS1

After the Beholder DS1 Camera stabilizer Review, we come to the buying guide, which will allow you to judge whether you should consider purchasing this product or not?

The first thing to notice here is that this product is nearly perfect, has most premium built quality, comes with four modes that make it easy for use, has single-handed use, 12 hours of battery timing, WIFI connectivity, and even have brushless motors which are self-balancing.

But the thing is that these types of functionalities require much battery, that is why this gimbal can give only 2 to 3 hours of battery timing which is not too great but still is there.

  • Design

This gimbal is very premium made and has a beautiful design that comes with a single-handed grip. There are also adjustments on the Camera side for ease of use, there is WIFI connectivity for controlling, or you can use the buttons on the grip side for control. Inside this gimbal are brushless self-balancing motors—all in one a lightweight yet durable design.

  • Why use

If you are looking for a premium quality gimbal in a much favourable price range, this is the best choice. From the Ikan DS1 Beholder gimbal review, it is clear that you get some fantastic functionalities like four modes that make it easy for beginners while the built quality is something that allows for easy handling.

  • How to use

Well, using this product is very easy even for the beginners, it is due to the fact that you just need to lock the camera on the gimbal and then start using it. There is also an application through which you can control the gimbal.

This is a self-balancing gimbal with brushless motors, so you don’t need to balance it. This gimbal can do all the stuff itself; you just need to know which movement will result in which action.

Final Words

In the premium camera gimbal market, Beholder DS1 holds its place because it contains some features which make it easy to use even for beginners. There are premium built quality, single-handed use, and very lightweight design, which is the reason for the ease of handling.

We compiled a Beholder DS1 camera stabilizer review for you to know completely about this product.

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